3 Ways Motorized Shades and Blinds Save Energy

According to Electronic House magazine, light is energy, and energy is a precious thing these days. We want to use it wisely, get the most out of it, and preserve it when we can. Much of our daily lives revolves around light. We follow it, work under it, and then put it behind us when we’re done for the day. Motorized shades can be a tremendous aid to maximizing how you harvest, conserve and utilize light, especially when those shades or blinds are integrated into a smart home automation system.

Here are three ways motorized shades can save energy and money:

1. Warmth. In cold months, sunlight coming into your windows can help warm up your home naturally so you don’t need to use more oil or gas. If you set your shades and smart home system to automatically open the sun-facing windows by time-of-day, you won’t even have to think about it. In the evening, your shades can automatically close to help keep the heat in the home, rather than escaping through exposed glass.

2.Light. Set your shades or blinds to automatically open to allow sunlight in to light your living areas. This is especially convenient in the morning as a way to ease into the day with the morning sunrise. Later in the day you can have the west-facing window shades automatically open to provide great reading or working light.

3. Shade. In warm months, sunlight coming through your widows can heat up the house, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder. You can program your shades to close based on temperature, light sensors or by sunrise and sunset to prevent the sun from heating your home when you don’t want it to. When integrated with wireless light switches and dimmers, your shades can close while your room lights turn on to the optimal level.

Don't forget that in addition to energy savings, motorized shades and blinds enhance security, convenience, and can help prevent damage to furniture, rugs or artwork.

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