Upholstery is defined as "the craft of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs & webbing, and fabric or leather covers."  Our craftsmen do this and more.

We transform naked frames into family heirlooms.

We provide expert furniture alteration and restoration. Springs can be replaced & retied. Fillings can be replaced and renewed.  And old frames can be reinforced for you.

We reupholster your favorite pieces, expressly to your tastes, and create "new" furniture that is truly "bettter than new."

Here's an example of one of our transformations:



Words from Juan

Some clients ask if they should choose slipcovers instead of custom reupholstery.

When we reupholster your furniture you have the opportunity to select a fabric and style that reflect your personality and taste.  All existing coverings are removed and new, fresh material is used for cushion fillings and padding.  This thorough process ensures that lingering odors, allergens, and dust mites are totally removed.  When completed, the upholstered piece is unique to you, and better than new.

Custom upholstery features designs and combinations of material which are vastly different from mainstream offerings. Your favorite piece or family heirloom deserves complete, high quality reupholstering from ASAP Upholstery & Interiors.