Our Work

We are a full service upholstery company specializing in transforming the design visions of people into something real, durable, and beautiful. We work with anyone looking to improve the interior design of a business, home, automobile, and marine. We pride ourselves into turning a piece of fabric into a meaningful masterpiece that over exceeds the expectations of the viewer. We are always open to new ideas so please do not limit yourself on any custom design in mind. If it requires fabric, we will try our best to help you!

Our History

ASAP Upholstery & Interiors is locally owned by Juan Garcia, a resident of Marietta and master craftsman with more than four decades of creative experience. In 2003, he established his studio and workroom in Marietta after more than 30 years of design work in Latin America where his clients included numerous celebrities and prominent interior designers. Examples of his workmanship can be found in luxury hotels, high-end homes and other locations throughout the Atlanta Metro Area and Dominican Republic. Juan is involved with every client project and oversees all of the design, fabrication, assembly, and installation efforts of his team of skilled workers. Juan's commitment to client satisfaction means you will be extremely pleased by his creations and proud to show them to everyone.